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AEF’s Policy Guide for the 5th AU-EU Agriculture Ministerial Meeting

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On Friday, June 30th, the 5th African Union - European Union Agricultural Ministerial meeting takes place in Rome, providing a valuable once every two years opportunity for joint reflection from which shared actions can be built.

The four areas of focus will centre on:

  • Sustainable Investment in support of agri-food systems
  • Research and innovation for smarter policies and technologies
  • Climate Resilience of agri-food Systems
  • Regional trade integration

This meeting takes place at a time of huge challenge for agri-food systems in Africa and Europe, which are confronted by a multifactor crisis of rare magnitude.

Recent assessments by the Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) Strategy Group on Agri-food Systems offers an overview of the state of the Africa-Europe partnership following the 6th AU-EU Summit of February 2022 in the context of the current international situation.

  • Download the summary brief which highlights the state of the implementation of initiatives in response to the commitments made.
  • Download a Policy Guide with key recommendations to steer the 5th AU-EU Agriculture Ministerial Meeting in ways that will enhance the cross-continental Partnership.

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