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A political and international focus on climate and health is a unique chance for Africa and Europe to build a partnership aimed at equitable economic development. Given the centrality of both of these areas to the future of both continents, a successful partnership will help address growing issues such as job creation and youth unemployment, as well as supporting a just Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • This programming pillar covers the work on Health, Pandemic Preparedness and Digital Transformation.

  • This programming pillar covers the work on Climate Change, Energy, Agri-food Systems, Oceans Governance and Adaptation.

  • This programming pillar covers the work on Perceptions, Partnerships and Citizen Engagement.

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  • 2021- Covid-19 in Africa one year on: Impacts and Prospects
    Mo Ibrahim Foundation

    This report gathers the key insights from the Ibrahim Governance Weekend that brings together leading voices from across Africa and beyond to discuss issues of critical importance to the continent’s progress

  • Scaling China's Green Energy Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa
    African Climate Foundation

    The Sub-Saharan African (SSA) region is undergoing processes of structural transformation necessary for socio-economic development. However, lack of sufficient and reliable electricity supply is known to be one of the biggest constraints.

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  • Pandemic response: report cards
    ONE Campaign

    ONE’s Pandemic Report Cards track how the world’s most developed economies are delivering on their promises to end the pandemic – by sharing vaccine doses, funding the global vaccine response, dismantling barriers to increase supply globally and supporting the economic recovery.

  • Connected Europe. A digital brand for a just transition
    Friends of Europe

    The report explores how policymakers and industry can work better together to boost Europe’s connectivity and foster a transformation that is both sustainable and fair, and one that builds resilient communities, societies and economies. All while ensuring that citizens are at the heart of the debate.