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An Africa-Europe Partnership on Education and Research

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In the margins of the 8th UNIMED WEEK in Brussels, taking place from April 16-18, 2024, fostering dialogue, networking, and engagement with European and international institutions, the Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) and UNIMED will join forces to galvanize efforts toward fostering collaboration between Africa and Europe to invest in the youth’s dividend and foster collaboration between Europe, North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

By convening a diverse range of voices and stakeholders, we aim to identify key areas for investment and collaboration to unlock opportunities in the Africa-Europe partnership on education and innovation.

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The recently adopted AU-EU Innovation Agenda marks a crucial step towards enhancing innovation exchange over the next decade. Initiatives like Regional Centres of Excellence in Sub-Saharan Africa, as part of the Global Gateway Investment Package, and Research Excellence Clusters further aim to strengthen collaboration in education, research, and innovation. While progress is underway, there is a need to boost innovation capacities on both continents in a world facing technological, cultural and economic change.

Strengthening investment in Education and Research through Africa-Europe collaboration promises positive outcomes for young people. Capacity-building initiatives and mobility programs across Africa and Europe can equip them with crucial skills for the job market in emerging fields like digital technology and green transition, while also promoting cross-cultural learning and embracing global citizenship. Ultimately, these efforts yield mutual benefits for both continents.

Questions will include:

  • How can Africa and Europe collaborate further to enhance digital skills innovation, aligned with the recently adopted AU-EU Innovation Agenda?
  • With 2024 being the AU Year of Education, how to ensure that initiatives intertwine with Africa's educational needs to effectively address the continent’s innovation and research needs?
  • How can mobility programs between Africa and Europe, such as Erasmus+, be enhanced and scaled up to maximize their impact on equipping young people with essential skills?

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