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The State of Africa-Europe: The Africa Europe Foundation Report 2024

  • The Africa-Europe Foundation

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The first edition of the Africa-Europe Foundation Report on the State of Africa-Europe (2024) culminates two years of work tracking commitments made at the 6th European Union-African Union Summit in Brussels in February 2022.

The report aims to assess progress against commitments made by both regions - as expressed in the Final Declaration - regarding finance, policy, or impact and identify potential avenues for better processes and additional actions.

Building on data provided by the AU and EU and, where available, from Member States and non-state/non-institutional actors, it represents an independent analysis of the delivery of commitments designed as a resource to complement the existing institutional monitoring processes implemented by the AU and EU.

The Report also aggregates views and analysis from the AEF multistakeholder dialogue platforms, its Strategy and Expert Working Groups, as well as youth, focus groups, and public polling on new challenges and opportunities that the Africa-Europe Partnership remains uniquely placed to address in a world increasingly challenged by interconnected crises.

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