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COP27: Policy Ideas of the Africa-Europe Foundation and Friends of Europe

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As the first African COP since COP22 in Morocco, COP27, taking place Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt from 7-18 November 2022, looks to acknowledge the unique needs and circumstances of the African continent while understanding the complex geopolitical reality of specific parts of the world, including Europe.

As part of the Africa-Europe Foundation's (AEF) work on COP27, our senior policy fellows joined forces with fellows at Brussels-based think-tank, Friends of Europe (FOE) to identify a set of policy ideas on the key themes below:

  • Delivering on commitments to climate finance and adaptation
  • Close the emission gap and speed up decarbonising power systems
  • Invest in joint knowledge-sharing, matchmaking, and capacity building
  • Take a systems approach to treat climate as both a red flag for security and also a route to peace
  • Addressing disinformation

For more informations, download the Africa-Europe Foundation-Friends Of Europe policy recommendations for COP27.

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