Meeting of the High-Level Group of Personalities

    • The Africa-Europe Foundation

    On 8 June, 2022, the High-Level Group of Personalities will meet to review the progress of the Foundation to date, and identify strategic opportunities and gaps to address in the months ahead.

    The High-Level Group of Personalities serves as the steering committee for the Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF), providing strategic oversight and guidance for the Foundation's activities.

    The high-level group of personalities was set up to explore mutually beneficial ways for the two continents to work together effectively across core policy areas. The selected EU and African personalities are high-level experts and much-respected and experienced thinkers who can provide honest and direct opinions and ideas, not afraid to speak truth to power.

    These personalities include a balanced representation of African and European stakeholders, including representatives from the public, private and civil society sectors. Their reputation, experience and knowledge of the issues raised ensure that they receive public and media attention.

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