Africa-Europe Tracker

Discover key developments in priority areas of Africa-Europe cooperation and progress on delivery of the commitments made at the 6th EU-AU Summit in February 2022. The AU-EU Tracker aims to provide up-to-date information and data, reflecting the latest developments within the Africa-Europe partnership, aggregating available information from trusted sources, providing expert analysis from international and local think tanks as well as AEF’s multistakeholder network operating across Africa, Europe and globally. We acknowledge significant data gaps which limit the scope of commitment tracking and granularity of analysis. We also acknowledge the publications that are already existing, which are a valuable source of information. The AEF does not wish to provide an exclusive view, rather, we wish to set up a platform for all stakeholders and concerned actors in the Africa-Europe dialogue to contribute to the monitoring of the implementation of Africa-Europe partnership. We invite all independent actors and agencies to join the AEF’s endeavor and provide regular contribution to the AU-EU Tracker. Please contact us through the link below to start our collaboration.

State of Africa-Europe

The first edition of the Africa-Europe Foundation Report on the State of Africa-Europe (2024) is a culmination of two years of work tracking commitments made at 6th European Union-African Union Summit held in Brussels in February 2022. The report aims to assess progress against commitments made by both regions - as expressed in the Final Declaration - be it in terms of finance, policy or impact, and to identify some potential avenues for better processes, as well as additional actions. Building on data provided by the AU and EU and, where available, from Member States, as well as non-state/non-institutional actors, it represents an independent analysis of the delivery of commitments designed as a resouce to complement the existing institutional monitoring processes implemented by the AU and EU. The Report also aggregates views and analysis from the AEF multistakeholder dialogue platforms, its Strategy and Expert Working Groups, as well as youth, focus groups and public polling on new challenges and opportunities that the Africa-Europe Partnership remains uniquely placed to address in a world increasingly challenged by interconnected crises.

Institutional References

The official documents structuring the partnership at institutional AU-EU level

AU-EU Joint Declaration: A Joint Vision for 2030

Press Release: 11th Commission-to-Commission meeting

EU-Africa: Global Gateway Investment Package

African Union: Agenda 2063 and AfCFTA

European Union: the Africa-EU Partnership

Expert Opinions

Expert assessments of developments in priority areas of Africa-Europe cooperation from the Africa-Europe Foundation and others.

Building a prosperous and sustainable partnership: One year after the 6th AU-EU Summit

The AU-EU Digital Cooperation in the Age of Digital Interdependence

Financial Cooperation for Euro-Mediterranean and EU-African Integration

Africa-Europe Cooperation and Digital Transformation

AEF Special Dialogue Broadcast Series

Africa-Europe Foundation multi-stakeholder broadcast debates with policymakers and changemakers, focused on new and emerging issues connected to areas of cooperation

Talking Africa-Europe Special on Climate and Energy

Talking Africa-Europe Special on Migration and Mobility

Talking Africa-Europe Special on Addressing the Vaccine Challenge

#AUEUTracker Special Dialogue on Pandemic Preparedness

#AUEUTracker Special Dialogue on Illicit Financial Flows

#AUEUTracker Special Dialogue on skills for green job creation

Strategy Documents

Official national European and African member states' engagement strategies with the other continent

The Africa Strategy of the Netherlands 2023-2032

AU-EU Tracker Monitoring Methodology

Summary outline of the Africa-Europe Foundation's methodology for the monitoring and tracking of commitments made at the 6th AU-EU Summit